Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force


The purpose of the Santa Rosa County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Task Force is to decrease the vulnerability of the citizens, governments, businesses and institutions of Santa Rosa County to the future human, economic and environmental costs of natural disasters. Funding for the prevention and recovery from disasters from the state and federal government is directly linked to the existence of this Task Force and the work that it accomplishes throughout the county to mitigate the impact of disasters.


Membership in the Task Force is open to all jurisdictions, organizations and individuals supporting its purposes. Membership is accomplished through the completion of a Member Information Form., found on this page. The Member Information Form should be submitted to the Task Force support staff for signature of acknowledgement by the current Task Force Chair. A database of members and contact information is maintained by the Task Force support staff. The LMS Task Force meets quarterly.

Hardening / Mitigation Grant Information

If you are a low to moderate income resident and need help repairing or hardening your home, please call the Santa Rosa County Housing Program at 850-981-7075. Limited funds are available through the Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Program for home elevation and, in rare cases, acquisition, if the home has been insured under the National Flood Insurance Program and has experienced repetitive losses. For further information, contact the Santa Rosa County Grants Office via email.

LMS Plan

A task of the Task Force is to develop, monitor, implement and maintain a comprehensive plan for hazard mitigation. Updated every five years, the plan is multi-jurisdictional, including Santa Rosa County the Cities of Milton and Gulf Breeze, and the Town of Jay. It identifies natural hazards and vulnerabilities and documents mitigation goals, objectives and measures intended to reduce or eliminate future losses resulting from the hazards. The current plan has been approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and adopted by the local governments, making Santa Rosa County and its municipalities eligible for state and federal disaster assistance.

LMS Plan Update

Learn more about the Local Mitigation Strategy Plan Update by visiting the LMS StoryMap. Make your voice heard by filling out a hazard mitigation survey.

LMS Initiatives

The LMS Task Force maintains a list of initiatives to reduce or eliminate future losses. Listing does not guarantee funding, but it helps position a project for future funding. If you are a non-profit, municipality, school or health-care organizations and wish to submit an application for consideration as a hazard mitigation project, please complete the Mitigation Project Nomination Process forms provided. Please be sure to read the applicant instructions which includes submission information.