Airport Environs Information

Disclosure Requirements

A disclosure notifying potential owners or lessees of the possible effects due to the operations of a public airport or military airfield or installation is required for any residential property that is sold or leased (for more than seven months) which is located, in whole or in part, within a Public Airport Notification Zone or a Military Airport Notification Zone.

This disclosure must be executed by both parties (and signed by any Realtors who represented the buyers or the sellers) and must be attached to the contract of sale or lease agreement. Further, a fully executed copy must be sent to:

Naval Air Station Whiting Field Aviation Planning Office
7077 Lexington Court
Milton, Florida 32570-6016

Determining Notification Zones

How to determine if a property is located in a Notification Zone

  1. You can check our online mapping system: Interactive GIS Mapping System. Follow the instructions for Interactive GIS Mapping.
  2. You can utilize the static maps. You will find static maps of all the airfields in Santa Rosa County. These maps are not searchable, but they can be a good reference for a property's location in relationship to the airfield or for advertising purposes.
  3. You can make a request in writing that a determination be made by the Division of Community Planning, Zoning, and Development. Please submit any requests via email or fax (850-983-9874). Please do not submit Airport Zone Disclosure Forms; we will issue you written documentation of any applicable Airport Zones.

Interactive GIS Mapping System

  1. Open the Interactive GIS Mapping System.
  2. After opening the main map display, you can perform a quick search by address in the top right corner, or you can click on Address/Name/Parcel search to search by either street address, owner name, or parcel number.
  3. After successfully searching for a parcel, a results window should appear towards the bottom of the screen. If it does not appear, your search may not have been successful (also, you can toggle the results window on and off by clicking "Results" in the top toolbar). In the results window, click on "Reports" and a page will open which shows the reports which are available. Make sure that the "Airfield Proximity Report" is selected and click continue. The report will open displaying a map of the parcel and identifying any applicable Airport Zones. Use this report to help you complete the Disclosure Form for the property in question.
  4. Additionally, you may select or deselect the Airfield layers found under the Map Layers list (located in the top toolbar). You can add or subtract the various layers for the map view to determine if any Airport Zones are found for the property. You can also zoom in/out and pan in the main map view to get a better picture of where the property lies in relation to the airfield.