Sign(s) Information

Approval Required

  • A building permit is required to display, erect, relocate or alter on premise or off-premise signs, including wall signage and temporary signs, in Santa Rosa County as outlined in Land Development Code - Chapter 4 Section 4.10.00 Sign Regulations
  • A development order must be obtained before a sign permit can be issued for off-premise signs (billboards).

Sign Regulations for Special Overlay Zones

  • Signs located in the Bagdad Historic or Conservation Overlay Districts must comply with the Bagdad Historic and Conservation District Design Standards and receive approval from the Bagdad Architectural Advisory Board (BAAB) prior to issuance of a sign permit.
  • Signs located in Navarre Beach must comply with the regulations specified in the Land Development Code, Section 4.10.

Sign Placement & Removal

  • No signs other than those authorized by the Board of County Commissioners are allowed on or over public right-of-way; except as provided herein.
  • No signs shall project over public property except those signs authorized by the appropriate public agency.
  • No sign shall be located so as to restrict the view of drivers at an intersection, or while entering and leaving a public right-of-way.

Prohibited Signs

It shall be unlawful to erect or maintain the following signs in any district:

  • Any sign containing or illuminated by flashing or intermittent lights, or lights of changing degrees of intensity, except signs indicating the time, date, or weather conditions and electronic message boards
  • Animated signs
  • Those that incorporate projected images or emit sound
  • Roof top signs
  • Signs which are posted, painted, or otherwise affixed to any tree, utility pole, or fence. Product I.D. and/or public safety signs shall be permitted on fences to a maximum of 2 square feet per sign per fence
  • Signs which are not securely fixed on a substantial structure
  • Signs which are not in good repair or which may create a hazardous condition or which are abandoned
  • Signs which are illegal under State laws and regulations

For complete rules and regulations refer to the Land Development Code.