Project Management

Compliance with zoning and building codes is fundamental to doing business in all Florida communities and Santa Rosa County has gone to great lengths to ensure the review time for these projects is as short as possible by adopting a Project Management approach. We view our role in the development process as more than simply regulators; we are also a key part of the development team tasked with providing comprehensive information on the front end, timely reviews during the permitting process, and careful but prompt inspections during construction.

Pre-Application Meeting

The commercial and industrial project management process begins with a Pre-Application Meeting. These meetings are free of charge and bring together as many permitting interests as possible, including county engineering, building, and planning reviewers as well as utility, fire, and state representatives as the situation warrants. Pre-application meetings are followed up with a letter to the applicant summarizing information shared in the meeting.

Submittal of Site & Building Plans

The next step in the process is submittal of site plans and building plans, which can be submitted and reviewed concurrently. The typical review time is 10 days, but may be a bit longer for larger buildings or shorter for resubmittals.

Decision Timeframe

Some locations require a change in zoning designation before work can begin. In those cases, the timeframe from submittal to decision is 2 to 3 months for a straight rezoning or 3 to 6 months if state review is required. This process can run concurrent with site and building plan review.

Site Development

Site development can begin as soon as the site plan is approved and vertical construction can commence upon issuance of building permits. When appropriate, the county will issue a foundation-only permit to enable an early start on construction.


When a development is ready for inspection, next-day inspections are the norm. Evening and weekend inspections can be scheduled for a fee. Many of the county’s building inspectors are multi-certified, allowing for increased inspection efficiency.

To ensure that this process goes smoothly for the applicant, the county appoints a Project Manager who is tasked with following each project from start to finish, helping the applicant to anticipate next steps and overcome permitting and inspections obstacles along the way.

Schedule a Pre-Application Meeting

All our application and permitting process is online now at  I recommend you sign up for an account so you can view applications submitted and permits obtained.  All customers must register in the new program via For assistance with establishing accounts, please contact the MyGovernmentOnline Help Desk toll-free at 866-957-3764.

  1. Sign into
  2. You’ll need to click the Planning and Zoning tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Click "Apply Online"
  4. Select Santa Rosa County Jurisdiction
  5. Project type "Planning and Zoning/Engineering", next
  6. Get started on a new application
  7. Navigate to the Pre-Application Meeting – Application Type

Feel free to contact LaVerne Frye ( or 850-981-7084 directly with any questions you may have regarding setting up the pre-application meeting. If we can provide any additional information or assistance let us know.