New Subdivision Design Standards

Santa Rosa County, in a collaborative effort between the Engineering Department, the Division of Community Planning, Zoning, and Development and a volunteer Subdivision Design Workgroup consisting of local design professionals, contractors and developers, has developed new design standards for subdivision development in the County. These standards establish design criteria for new subdivisions in order to help curb speeding and high traffic volume problems which have become a common complaint for citizens of the County.


The following is an overview of the changes:

  • A road hierarchy based on traffic volumes is established. Using this road hierarchy, the appropriate road types for a new subdivision will be determined by the projected traffic volumes on the proposed roads.
  • Sidewalks and bike lanes will be required along certain roadway classifications and within 1/4 mile of an existing or planned school site.
  • Traffic calming elements will be required in the design of proposed subdivision streets in certain circumstances.
  • The minimum two-way road width has been increased by 2 feet (to 24 feet, excluding curbing) to better accommodate on-street parking.
  • To encourage better design, the minimum lot size requirement for new platted subdivisions in R-1 and higher density zoning districts has been eliminated.

Importance of Community Involvement

Through the Workgroup process, the County was able to develop effective, clear and meaningful regulation that was guided and embraced by the development community. This process was a testament to the value and effectiveness of collaboration with the community in the development or modification of regulations.