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  1. Chain Saw Safety
  2. Cleaning Up Safely
  3. Flooding & Septic Tanks
  4. Generator Safety
  5. Points of Distribution
  6. Purifying Water
  7. Well Water
  • Become familiar with the recommended safe operational procedures before attempting to work with a chain saw.
  • Be sure that you are in top physical and mental condition when operating dangerous machinery.
  • Medications and alcohol can cause you to be a hazard to yourself and others when working with chain saws.
  • Equip yourself with protective clothing and equipment including safety goggles, hearing protection, steel-toed shoes, hard hat, gloves and close-fitting clothing.
  • Don't stand on a log and saw between your feet.
  • Always stand to one side of the limb you are to cut and never straddle it.
  • Always keep in mind where the chain will go if it breaks; never position yourself or other people in line with the chain.
  • Keep the chain out of the dirt; debris will fly, the teeth will be dulled and the chain life will be shortened considerably.