Shelter Locations

All shelters may not be opened at the same time, therefore, attention must be given to the current shelter status in Santa Rosa County.

Shelter openings may vary with each emergency. If you are unable to receive media information during an event, contact the Citizen Information Center at 850-983-INFO (4636) for a listing of which shelters will be opened. Shelter openings will differ by size and intensity of a disaster. Do not go to the shelter until you have verified that it is open.


  • Chumuckla Community Center
    2355 Highway 182
    Map (PDF)
  • Jay High School
    3741 School Street
    Map (PDF)
  • Milton Community Center
    5629 Byrom Street
    Map (PDF)
  • S.S. Dixon Intermediate School
    5540 Education Drive
    Map (PDF)

Pets & Special Needs