Special Needs Shelters

All shelters may not be opened at the same time, therefore, attention must be given to the current shelter status in Santa Rosa County.

Shelter openings may vary with each emergency. If you are unable to receive media information during an event, contact the Citizen Information Center at 850-983-INFO (4636) for a listing of which shelters will be opened. Shelter openings will differ by size and intensity of a disaster. Do not go to the shelter until you have verified that it is open.

Special Needs Shelter Locations

  • Bennett C. Russell Elementary
    3740 Excalibur Way
    Map (PDF)
    *Pre-Registration Required
  • Sims Middle School
    5500 Education Drive
    Map (PDF)
    *Alternate Special Needs Location

Special Needs Program

Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a register to provide citizens who meet program criteria transportation and shelter during emergency evacuations.

Santa Rosa County Special Needs Program is a voluntary program that should be considered by individuals who have no alternative than a public shelter or, need transportation to a shelter. The Emergency Management Division recommends using this program only as a "last resort" and individuals with special needs should consider sheltering with relatives or friends.

Learn more and apply for the Special Needs Program