Navarre Beach Department

Navarre Beach Department

For questions regarding Navarre Beach and Navarre Beach Pavilion rentals please call 850-981-8900. To check availability and reserve a Navarre Beach pavilion, see our reservation website.

How to find a Pavilion / Facility

Find an facility using our Facilities Search App

Instructions for using the Facilities Search App can be found here:

How to make a reservation

Online reservations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on

Current Surf Conditions

  1.  surf condition yellow flag MODERATE

    Moderate conditions. Exercise caution. If caught in a rip current remember - don't fight, swim to the right! View more information on water safety.

    See the four-day rip current outlook.

Quick and Easy Beach Rules

Dune Walkover and Lifeguard Tower Location Map 

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Information & Safety Tips