Environmental Department

The Santa Rosa County Environmental Department oversees all garbage collection and mosquito control for the county.

County Landfill

The Environmental Departments primary objectives are

  • To protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Santa Rosa County by providing an environmentally safe and efficient sanitary disposal facility in Santa Rosa County in compliance with all federal, state and local rules and regulations
  • To offer residents several waste disposal options for the disposal of various waste materials that includes the collection and disposal or reuse of household hazardous wastes, the collection, processing and marketing of recyclable materials, and the diversion of eWaste (computers, LED monitors and televisions, and peripherals) from landfilling at reasonable cost.
  • To provide an environmental safe and efficient method for the disposal of solid waste materials, at reasonable cost, while maintaining adequate revenue to meet the future disposal needs of the residents and business of Santa Rosa County

Mosquito Control

The goal of the Santa Rosa County Mosquito Control Department (SRCMC) is to reduce nuisance mosquito populations to a tolerable level while alleviating the threat of mosquito borne diseases. See more.