Citizen Corps

The Citizen Corps Council (CCC) is operated out of the Santa Rosa County (SRC) Division of Emergency Management. The Goal of the SRC CCC is to promote a desire for volunteering around our County. We have several strong neighborhood watch groups in the County, a very robust CERT program, a VIP program in Gulf Breeze, a growing MRC, and lots of great inter-agency cooperation between all SRC CCC members, and we have plans to grow.

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One of our future goals is to develop and implement a "teen CERT" program in the counties high schools. The ultimate goal is to have a better trained and more aware citizenry as these students graduate. Additionally we hope to promote and foster an attitude of volunteerism in our youth. Lastly we hope that this program promotes good citizenship and behavior through discipline and self motivated achievement.


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What Is Citizen Corps?

The mission of Citizen Corps is to harness the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared for terrorism, crime, public health issues and disasters of all kinds.

Citizen Corps Council

To form Citizen Corps Councils, the Citizen Corps brings together leaders from:

  • Emergency medical and other emergency management
  • Fire
  • Law enforcement
  • Local elected officials
  • Private sector
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Other community stakeholders


These Councils will tailor activities to the community and build on community strengths to develop and implement a local strategy to have every American participate in homeland security and community and family safety in three principle ways: through public education and outreach, through training opportunities, and through volunteer programs that draw on special skills and interests to support first responders, disaster relief organizations and community safety efforts.


Citizen Corps is composed of federally sponsored programs and nonprofit affiliate programs and organizations that share the common goal of helping communities prevent, prepare for and respond to crime, disasters, pressing public health needs and emergencies of all kinds. It encourages all Americans to take an active role in building safer, stronger, and better prepared communities one neighborhood at a time!

The Citizens' Preparedness Guidebook

Produced by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) with support from DOJ, this booklet provides current crime and disaster preparedness techniques, as well as the latest information on terrorism, to give Americans guidance on how to prepare in the homes, the neighborhood, at work, at the airport, in places of worship, and in public spaces. The guide is available on the NCPC website or by calling NCPC at 800-WE-PREVENT (800-937-7383).