Other Recycling Information

The following items can be recycled at various locations around the county. Acceptable materials vary by store locations, so the following is meant as a guide for the closest locations.

  1. Batteries
  2. Fluorescent Bulbs
  3. Foam Crates
  4. Grocery Bags
  5. Ink Cartridges
  6. Metal & Reusable Items
  7. Oil
  8. Pet Supplies & Blankets
  9. Other Options
  • Batteries Plus Bulbs (Pace): Accepts all types of rechargeable batteries free, battery back-up batteries are free for the battery but $5 for the entire unit, charges for florescent bulbs depending on the size and type ($0.35 to $3 per bulb charges).
  • Cell Phone Batteries
  • Discount Auto Parts (Milton): Accept up five car batteries, five gallons of oil per day, some other locations also accept anti-freeze but not Milton
  • Florida Homeowners Guide to Battery Recycling and Disposal
  • Home Depot: Accepts small florescent bulbs and drill batteries
  • Lowes (Pace): Accepts small florescent bulbs, various sizes of rechargeable batteries, and plastic bags
  • Target (Pace): 850-995-7820 rechargeable batteries equal or smaller than a drill battery and plastic bags