Partner for Pets

The Santa Rosa County Partners for Pets program was recently established with the goal of seeing every adoptable pet finding a loving-forever home. With your help as a Partner for Pets supporter, your donation will help us become one step closer to reaching our goal.

How You Can Help

We work tirelessly 24-hours a day providing food, shelter and love to the pets in our shelter, investigating dog fighting and cruelty cases, reuniting pets with their owners, finding suitable forever homes, and partnering with rescue organizations to save as many animals as possible. But more can be done with your help.

Through Santa Rosa County's Partners for Pets program, your one-time or regular donation can help us support and enhance programs that may not be covered by general fund expenditures including:

  • Increase educational outreach efforts,
  • Increase adoptions for our pets in Santa Rosa County.

When combined, these efforts have been proven to make a dramatic difference local pet populations and in reducing the number of animals that must be humanely euthanized. Partners for Pets donations are tax-deductible. The links below are the different type of donations you can make.

Why Create Partners for Pets?

According to the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, pet overpopulation is the number one issue facing companion animals today. Unlike private shelters that can have limitations on the number of animals they accept, Santa Rosa County's shelter accepts each one with over 7,500 animals passing through our doors. Unfortunately, only an average of 10% are adopted or sent to rescue organizations and 8% are reunited with their families when found straying from home.

Sterilization of pets is the best solution to the overpopulation problem in our county. Although our local education efforts have increased the percentage of animals that are spayed and neutered in Santa Rosa County, more sterilization is needed to reach the critical thresholds necessary to control overpopulation. With the average cost to sterilize a cat at $75 and $110 for dogs, the initial cost of the surgery is more than many families can afford to incur at one time. However, this does not deter a citizen from getting a pet.