SAFER Santa Rosa (Support Alliance for Emergency Readiness) is a humanitarian association of organizations who may be active in all phases of a disaster. Its mission is to foster efficient, streamlined service delivery to people affected by disasters, while eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort, through cooperation in the four phases of disaster: preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.

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Barricade Project

SAFER Santa Rosa is presenting a unique opportunity for community involvement in a project that is important to everyone, the safety of kids. The SAFER Kids Project was developed out of an already existing committee of concerned community members who started a "barricade" project in order to purchase, store and utilize barricades for all community events in the county.

This barricade committee is now an "ad hoc" committee of SAFER Santa Rosa and the project was renamed. SAFER board members voted unanimously to take the "SAFER Kids" Project on as an ongoing mission of SAFER Santa Rosa. The intent is to raise money through fund raisers and sponsorships of fabric advertisements that would attach to the barricades. The issues of cost, storage, rental, and transportation are being finalized. The signage (3 by 5) advertisement will be at the discretion of those who sponsor a barricade, but all will have the SAFER logo in one of the top corners to designate affiliation to the SAFER Santa Rosa Program. Sponsors may also wish to fund covers to go over the barricades.

Special Events & Disasters

These barricades will be used to line the parade routes for special events and parades held in the county. They will also be used to cordon off specified areas in times of disaster. When not in use, they may be rented out to other groups for a small fee.

Additional Information

This project has the capability of touching all parts of the county. You could have your logo at every event in the County by participating in this worthy effort. For more information / sponsorship call 850-983-4606 or 850-983-1236.


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