Garbage Service Provider & Pick Up Days

Residential Solid Waste Franchise

Santa Rosa County currently franchises residential solid waste (garbage) pickup with Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. in the unincorporated areas of the county. A franchise is an agreement the county enters into with a service provider to collect curbside residential solid waste. In return for being given special rights to provide the service, the provider is required to provide a defined level of service to residents and the rates are regulated.

North end residents have the option to be serviced by Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. including garbage, yard waste, bulk waste (furniture or other large items) and recycling. Waste Pro is distributing collection cans - garbage cans, yard waste cans, and for those who subscribed to recycling pickup, recycling cans - in north Santa Rosa. Waste Pro has delivered cans to former ECUA customers who chose to continue the county-franchised pickup service. ECUA began picking up their collection cans on the last scheduled pickup days in December 2020 and will continue picking them up over the next few weeks. For any questions on the services for Santa Rosa franchised waste hauling, or information on rates and recycling subscription services, visit Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. (South End) (North End)

Garbage pickup for residents of the City of Gulf Breeze and City of Milton are serviced by those municipalities and will not change.

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Service Provider Contact Information

Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. (South End) (North End) (Phone: 850-365-1900)