Committee Assignments

Reorganization meeting held 11/22/2022

Chairman elected as Colten Wright

Vice Chairman elected as Sam Parker

****Changes to the following committees will be made in December 2022****


  • District 1: Sam Parker
  • District 2: Robert A. "Bob" Cole
  • District 3: James Calkins
  • District 4: Dave Piech
  • District 5: Colten Wright

Administrative Committee

  • Chairman: Sam Parker
  • Vice: Colten Wright
  • Staff: DeVann Cook

Budget and Financial Management Committee

  • Chairman: Ray Eddington
  • Vice: Kerry Smith
  • Staff: DeVann Cook and Jayne Nicholas

Economic and Tourist Development Committee

  • Chairman: Colten Wright
  • Vice: Sam Parker
  • Staff: DeVann Cook, Shannon Ogletree and Julie White

Services and Development Committee

  • Chairman: James Calkins
  • Vice: Ray Eddington
  • Staff: DeVann Cook and Brad Baker

Operations and Safety Committee

  • Chairman: Kerry Smith
  • Vice: James Calkins
  • Staff: DeVann Cook and Brad Baker