Library Cards

Library card registration is currently only available at any of the five county library locations. Santa Rosa County residents, as well as residents of Pensacola Beach, may obtain an application at your library or print (PDF), complete and take to your library. Non-Santa Rosa County residents may obtain an application at your library or print (PDF), complete and take to your library. For more information, please call your library at 981-READ (7323).


All applicants must comply with the following:

  • Adult applicants (18 years or older) need photo identification and proof of Santa Rosa County residency. A valid driver's license in the new secure format (issued beginning August 2017) will suffice. If your driver's license is not in the updated format or does not yet contain your current address, a document such as a utility bill or apartment lease can be used to verify your address.
    • Address verification documents include a valid Florida driver license, voter registration card, utility statement, bank statement, or current mail (in the applicant’s name) received at the applicant’s address. Advertisement flyers, circulars, and other “junk mail” are not accepted as proof of residency.
    • Exception: Military must present one piece of address verification.
  • Applicants may apply for cards for other household members (adults or children). 
    • Adults not present at the time of application must show a current photo ID upon first library visit for card to be activated.
    • Child cards will be activated upon the child's first visit to the library.

Issued Library Cards

Library cards will be issued at no charge to:

  • Active Duty Military
    • Includes family members who reside at same address
    • Military ID must be presented.
    • One piece of SRC residency verification is required.
  • Pensacola Beach Residents:
    • Includes PB property owners who can verify property ownership
    • Library cards are valid for one year.
    • Library cards may be renewed annually if all accounts at the address are clear.
    • Two pieces of Pensacola Beach residency verification are required.
  • Santa Rosa County Residents
    • Two pieces of SRC residency verification are required.
  • Temporary Residents:
    • Are issued temporary cards that are valid for six months and may be renewed once, provided all library materials have been returned and no fees are owed.
    • Must provide verification of temporary SRC residence, permanent residence, and length of stay.
    • Must verify intent to reside in Santa Rosa County for at least three months.
    • Who return annually and are in good standing may reactivate existing cards with verifying documentation.
  • Non-Santa Rosa County Residents 
    • Property/Business Owners: Persons who pay property taxes in Santa Rosa county and can verify property ownership - SRC Property Appraiser website or a current property tax statement or receipt. Library cards are valid for one year only and may be reactivated (for one year) provided all accounts at the address are clear and proof of continued ownership of property in Santa Rosa County is found on the Santa Rosa county Property Appraiser's website.
    • Educators and employees of City, County or State Government who work in Santa Rosa County are eligible for a library card with proof of employment.
  • All other Non-Santa Rosa County residents are charged an annual $50 fee.

Replacement Library Cards

Replacement library cards are issued once the patron has shown proof of current residency and paid a $3 replacement fee.