Policy 1: Borrowing Library Materials

Library Cards


Library patrons with valid Santa Rosa County library cards:

  • Are responsible for returning items by the due date and will be charged for materials that are not returned.
  • Are solely responsible for materials that are checked out on their library card.
  • May borrow materials owned by the library system and housed in each library.
  • May designate another person to use their library card and check out library materials.
    • An Alternate Library Card User application must be completed and signed by the library card owner and returned to the library director for approval.
  • May obtain a library card at any Santa Rosa County Library.
  • May use one card to borrow materials at any Santa Rosa County Library.
  • Parents and legal guardians are responsible for library materials that are checked out by minor children.
  • Will be charged if items are returned with damage or with missing components.


Library Cards are required to:

  • Access licensed electronic resources provided by the library.
  • Borrow library materials.
  • Reserve public computers.
    • Persons without Santa Rosa County resident library cards may be issued a guest pass for two computer sessions per day.

Library E-Cards are available to Santa Rosa County residents who only want to access licensed electronic resources provided by the library. To check out physical materials, proof of address must be presented in person at the library to fully activate the library card. 

Visitor E-Cards are available to visitors who are not permanent residents but who visit Santa Rosa County for at least a week at no charge. Examples include vacationers, patients at local medical facilities, and out of town family members. The visiting patron will be allowed to access licensed electronic resources provided by the library. Visitor Cards are not valid for physical item check outs. The card will expire within 14 days.


All applicants must comply with the following:

  • Adult applicants (18 years or older) are required to present a photo identification and proof of Santa Rosa County residency. A valid driver's license in the new secure format (issued beginning August 2017) will suffice. If your driver's license is not in the updated format or does not yet contain your current address, a document such as a utility bill or apartment lease can be used to verify your address.
    • Address verification documents include a valid Florida driver license, voter registration card, utility statement, bank statement, or current mail (in the applicant’s name) received at the applicant’s address. Advertisement flyers, circulars, and other “junk mail” are not accepted as proof of residency.
  • Applicants may apply for cards for other household members (adults or children). 
    • Adults not present at the time of application must show a current photo ID upon first library visit for card to be activated.
    • Child cards will be activated upon the child's first visit to the library.

Issuing a Card

Library cards will be issued at no charge to:

  • Active-Duty Military
    • Includes family members who reside at same address.
    • Military ID must be presented.
    • One piece of Santa Rosa County residency verification is required.
  • Pensacola Beach Residents:
    • Includes PB property owners who can verify property ownership.
    • Library cards are valid for one year.
    • Library cards may be renewed annually if all accounts at the address are clear.
    • Two pieces of Pensacola Beach residency verification are required.
  • Santa Rosa County Residents
    • With a valid photo ID with current Santa Rosa County address. Santa Rosa County residency verification is required if the ID does not have the resident’s current address. 
  • Temporary Residents:
    • Are issued temporary cards that are valid for six months and may be renewed once, provided all library materials have been returned and no fees are owed.
    • Must provide verification of temporary Santa Rosa County residence, permanent residence, and length of stay.
    • Must verify intent to reside in Santa Rosa County for at least three months.
    • Who return annually and are in good standing may reactivate existing cards with verifying documentation.
  • Non-Santa Rosa County Residents 
    • Property/Business Owners: Persons who pay property taxes in Santa Rosa County and can verify property ownership – Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser website or a current property tax statement or receipt. Library cards are valid for one year only and may be reactivated (for one year) provided all accounts at the address are clear and proof of continued ownership of property in Santa Rosa County is found on the Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser's website.
    • Educators who work for a school located in Santa Rosa County (public or private) are eligible for a library card with proof of employment.
    • Employees of the City of Gulf Breeze, City of Milton, Town of Jay, Santa Rosa County, the State of Florida government who work in Santa Rosa County are eligible for a library card with proof of employment.
  • All other Non-Santa Rosa County residents are charged an annual $50 fee.

 Replacement library cards are available with current photo ID and a $3 replacement fee.

Borrower Registration Records

Library card information that is collected by the library and entered into the borrower's record includes name, primary and alternate addresses, phone numbers, and email address.

  • Minors' (under age 18) date of birth and parent/guardian name, address, and email address are entered in youth accounts.

Loan Polices

Loan Policies include:

  • Library patrons are categorized as Adult (18 and over), Seventeen (17), Teen (13 to 16), Tween (10 to 12), and Juvenile (9 and under).
  • A total of 20 items may be checked out at a time across all collections with the following exceptions:
    • Pensacola Beach Residents: 10 items
    • Temporary Residents: 5 items 
  • A total of 10 holds are allowed at a time across all collections. Temporary Residents are allowed 5 holds at a time across all collections.
  • All library material is automatically renewed up to 3 times unless a “hold request” has been placed on the item.
  • There are no fees if items are returned within one year of check out in good condition.
  • Replacement fees are added if items are not returned within one year of being billed, or if they are returned damaged or with missing components.
  • Juvenile borrowers may check out any materials from the juvenile book collection and juvenile media.
    • Juvenile cardholders may access eBooks via Tumblebooks.
  • Tween patrons may check out items from all juvenile and tween collections.  
  • Teen patrons may check out out items from all juvenile, tween, and teen collections.   
  • Seventeen and Adult patrons may check out items from all collections.
  • Loan periods for library materials vary.  

Checkout & Hold Limits                                                                                  

Material / CollectionCheckouts Permitted At One TimeLoan PeriodHolds Permitted at One TimeLength of Hold
Audiobook / Music20
21 days107 days
21 days107 days
DVD / Blu-ray20
14 days107 days
Launchpads214 days27 days
Libby (eBooks & more)1021 days6Varies
New Books514 days57 days
hoopla (streaming & more)4VariesN/AVaries

Requests & Holds

All requests and holds:

  • Materials held for a patron can only be checked out on the card of the patron on the hold record.
  • Patrons may opt to have an authorized user to pick up their requested held items. 
  • Holds may be placed within the loan policies stated.
  • The requester will be notified by email or text message when the material is available to be picked up. 


Return of library materials:

  • A date due slip is provided as a courtesy.
  • Library materials are the property of Santa Rosa County.
  • Materials may be returned to any Santa Rosa County library.
  • The patron is responsible for the return of material by the due date.

Past Due

Past due materials policy:

  • Patrons will be charged for replacement cost of materials that are not returned within one year, including the cost of the materials plus all associated steps in replacement.
  • Patrons will receive a courtesy notice by email or phone when materials are past due.

Blocks from Library Services

All accounts at an address are blocked from check out and public computer use when:

  • Anyone at that address receives a bill at 30 days past due.
  • Charges have been added to the patron's account for unreturned or damaged materials.
  • An individual's account is blocked from check out and public computer use when an item is 10 days past due.

Overdue & Lost / Reported Materials

Charges for long overdue, reported lost and damaged library materials. Patrons will receive an invoice for non-refundable replacement costs when:

  • If materials are not returned or payment is not received within one year of an invoice, charges must be paid to have the account cleared and all accounts at the address unblocked.
  • Library materials are 30 days overdue.
  • Library materials are returned with damage or missing components.
  • Patrons report lost library material.

Replacement Charges

A flat fee is charged per item. This fee includes not only the actual cost of the item but also all steps involved in de-processing and replacing the item including labor and time involved in:

  • Cataloging, labeling, and processing
  • Communicating with suppliers
  • Inventory and delivery
  • Placing an order
  • Pulling a requisition
  • Searching for and selecting a replacement
  • Unpacking

Replacement Costs                                                                                                                                                                        

Books on CD
Reference Items
Adult BooksBlu-rays
Juvenile Books
Music on CDs
Teen Books
Trade Paperbacks
Tween Books
Adult Paperbacks
Juvenile Paperbacks
Board Books
Launchpad AC Adapter
Binge Box Container
Media Case
Launchpad Power Cord

Damage Costs

Habitual Damage Fees (3 or more damages in 12 months)
Item Barcodes$2.00
Kit Bag Only$5.00
Media Artwork$5.00


  • All payments are non-refundable even if library material is later returned.
  • Checks and money orders must be mailed to the address on the invoice.
  • Credit card payments will be accepted according to invoice instructions.
  • Cash payments are not accepted at library service desks.