Log in & out of My Library Account

Log In and Out

You are logged in for your entire session the first time you use a function that requires log-in. You only need to log in once for your entire session.

Follow these steps to log in:

  1. Click on My Library Account > Log In/Register on the menu bar. The log-in form is displayed.
  2. Type your barcode number from your library card in the Barcode Number box.
  3. Type your account password in the Password box. Your password will initially be set to the last 4 numbers in your phone number. If you try to use the last four digits of your phone number and that does not work, contact your library to reset your password. Once you have logged in, you can change your password.
  4. Click Log In to submit the information. The menu bar displays Log Out when you are logged in.
  5. Click Patron Account on the menu bar to see your account information.
  6. Log out by doing one of the following actions:
    1. If you are viewing your patron account, click the Log Out link on a patron account display, or click Log Out in the Patron Account sub-menu.
    2. Click Log Out on the menu bar.

Always Log Out

Always log out to protect your privacy. To log out, click Log Out on the menu bar.