Request Library Materials

When you identify an item that is owned by the Santa Rosa County Library System, but unavailable at your home library, you can request the item and select a pick up location. When the item is returned, the library will then hold the item for you and notify you to pick it up.


Follow these procedures:

  1. Find an item in the library catalog that you would like to borrow.
  2. While you are viewing the item you wish, select the "Place Request" tab.
  3. Enter your library card number and password (the last four digits of your home phone number) to request an item. If your password does not work, contact a library employee to reset your password.
  4. Select a pickup location from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Request.
  6. A message will display that your request has been placed successfully.
  7. Click Return to Searching to return to your search results.

When your item is received at the selected pick up location, you will be notified and the item will be held for seven days; if it is not picked up, it will be returned to the library shelves.

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