Foster Program

There are many animals looking for foster families to take them in until they’re ready for homes of their own. And yes, foster parents get first option to adopt their houseguest if they fall in love! Fosters must be at least 18 years to foster and be able to bring your foster animal to the shelter for veterinary appointments. (Full requirements listed below) If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please complete a foster application. It only takes about 15 minutes to apply and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!


All of our adoptable animals are eligible for fostering, check out our adoptable pets at the link below:

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Through our foster program, hundreds of animals have gotten a second chance from the care provided by our foster families. On average, 1,000 animals that enter our shelter each year need foster care before they are ready to find new homes. 

Petco Fostering Statstic GraphicsWe have a variety of animals who need foster care. Some need time to recover from an illness or injury, others need a vacation to relax, and some just need time to grow until they are old enough to be spayed or neutered. Fostering saves lives by opening up an additional spot at your local shelter to help even more animals. We provide all the food, medication, veterinary care, kennels, toys and other basic supplies you will need, along with training and care instructions. 

Fostering is an immensely rewarding experience, and it helps make a difference for the animals. Your act of kindness is repaid in rewards that are beyond words.

Be a Kitten Foster!

Bottle Feeding Kitten PhotoKitten season is April - October, when cats go into heat and can produce many, many litters. Often times, kittens are orphaned and brought to the shelter at only a few days old. Even with their mother, the shelter is no place for these young cats as the stress and potential for disease is too high. The shelter does not have adequate resources to care for these kittens. Infant kittens need to be kept warm and bottle-fed every two hours. When they arrive at the shelter, we strive to get them into a Foster Home the very same day. If you are available to provide care for these young kittens, sign up to be a kitten foster today! 

Visit our Kitten Fostering Page to learn more.

  • To reduce euthanasia rates of potentially adoptable animals at Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter by providing them a safe environment to flourish with maturity, development of social skills, and/or to recover from injuries, illness, or disease.
  • To alleviate space issues the shelter has by offering animals other options to wait out the time periods they must endure until their actual adoption takes place.
  • To offer better care for the animals that require specialized treatment plans due to age or medical issues.
  • To ensure that all animals have reached the proper level of maturity before being placed in adoption.
  • To raise the standard of health in animals available for adoption by fostering ill or injured animals.
  • To increase the adoptability of animals by providing home environments and opportunities for socialization that align with what they will experience once they reach their forever home.

Foster Parent Qualifications

  • Foster parents must be able to provide a safe, loving, and stable environment while the animal is in their foster care.
  • Foster parents must be over 18 years of age.
  • Experience with animal behavioral or medical issues is a plus, but not necessary.
  • Foster parents must have patience, as well as be willing to provide needed care which may consist of bottle feeding, administering medicines, or other requirements which will be set forth by Santa Rosa Animal Services.
  • All foster families agree to a home inspection performed by a Santa Rosa Shelter staff member at any time.
  • Foster parents must be able to transport their foster animal to and from the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter during business hours, should the need arise.
  • Foster applications must be submitted and approved prior to fostering with our organization.

After your foster application has been received and approved, you will receive a welcome email and we will invite you to join our foster Facebook page. Prior to fostering any animals, you will be required to sign the foster agreement, which will be kept on file at the shelter. Please note, if at any time you have questions regarding the foster program, potential foster animals, etc., those questions should be directed at the foster coordinator.