Impact Fee Information

Infrastructure Impact Fees

In October 2019, the board of county commissioners directed staff to solicit proposals to conduct an impact fee analysis to support discussion and potential implementation of impact fees for transportation, law enforcement, and parks. Staff engaged Nabors-Giblin, and Nickerson to provide representation, legal counsel and assist the County through this process. At the November 14, 2019 meeting of the board of county commissioners, the board approved for Duncan Associates to conduct impact fee studies for parks, law enforcement, and transportation facilities. The final draft was received by the board and presented by Duncan Associates in the summer of 2020. The board chose to postpone implementation pending the litigation related to the School Board Impact Fees.

At the January 19, 2023 regular meeting the board directed staff to proceed with updating the 2020 Study. This was necessary to ensure fees are based on the most recent localized data. The final draft was received by staff May 15, 2023 and is available for view here. 

Next steps:

  1. Duncan Associates presentation of the study to the board.
  2. Development of an ordinance and scheduling of a public hearing.
  3. If the ordinance is approved, a 90 day notification period is required before the collection of fees can begin per Florida Statutes 163.31801.3.d