Barn Cat Program

A barn cat program places a fully vetted, healthy cats into a safe, independent living space such as a barn or factory. The cat’s vetting includes spay or neutering, rabies vaccinated, FVRCP vaccinated, dewormed and treated for fleas. The hope is that these cats will help fill an important job as a pest and rodent manager.

Occasionally we have cats who are suitable for placement as a barn cat. The most common reasons cats enter our barn cat program are:

  1. The cat has litter box habits that make them unsuitable to live indoors and for whom medical conditions have been ruled out.
  2. The cat is under-socialized, shy, or fearful of people and unable to be returned to their outdoor home as a community cat.

There is currently no adoption fee for a barn cat but a donation to support our lifesaving work is appreciated.

To be successful, we need your location to be away from busy roads and with no predators. We require a relocation period of at least two weeks within a large crate for them to adapt to your area prior to release. This helps ensure the cat will learn to stay on your property. Many enjoy companionship and a pair of cats is strongly recommended. Individuals interested in caring for a barn cat must be able to provide the cat with shelter, daily food and water and vet care.

Barn Cat Application

Learn more about the barn cat adaptation process.

We only occasionally have barn cats available, so we encourage you to also check with other local shelters.