What to do if you Find Kittens

Kitten Season

Kitten season is the time of year when more kittens are being born, usually lasting from April to October. Each season, the shelter sees hundreds of newborn kittens surrendered. Kittens do not become available for adoption until they are least eight weeks of age and healthy. While the shelter does their best to save each one, they do not have adequate resources to care for them and rely on foster homes to take in several litters during this time.

Wait Until Eight

Did you find a litter of kittens? Make sure you're not 'kitnapping'! Kittens need their mom, so if you find kittens, don't touch them. Kittens under eight weeks old survive much better outside waiting for their mother, who is probably hunting nearby, than in a shelter. You might think you're helping by picking them up, but you may be ‘kitnapping’ them. Leave them be and reach out to our Community Cat Program if you have questions. Not sure if you’re kitnapping? Use this flow chart to assess the situation.

Kitten Care Flow Chart

Taking newborn kittens to your local shelter should be a last resort

Animal shelters are not equipped to provide the kind of around-the-clock care that kittens need. The best way to help most kittens is to leave them with their mother, and then when they are more than eight weeks old, contact your local shelter for spay/neuter resources.

If the kittens truly are orphaned they should find a safe home that can bottle-feed them and get appropriate veterinary care until they can find adoptable homes. The Kitten Lady has helpful information on how to care for orphaned kittens.

Download Orphan Kitten Care Guide

Help Save Kittens

Foster Homes Needed
We always need fosters for bottle baby kittens. These kittens are orphaned and need to be kept warm and bottle-fed around the clock. The care these kittens need is more than can be provided in a shelter. When orphaned kittens arrive at the shelter, we need to get them into foster care the very same day. Sign up to foster and be on our list of available kitten fosters! Learn more about kitten fostering.

Amazon Wish List
Help the shelter stock up on items like kitten formula by shopping our Amazon Wish List. These items will help foster families care for kittens. To donate, simply shop the wish list and ship directly to the shelter’s address. Thank you for your support!

Kitten Season is coming and we need some Kitten Care Kits!