Pet Help Resources

Santa Rosa County Animal Services purpose is to provide humane shelter and care for the approximately 3,500 lost, displaced, and victimized animals who enter our shelter every year. We do not accept owner surrender pets for rehoming as our purpose and mission is dedicated to helping stray animals. To assist the community with pet ownership and rehoming we have compiled the best local and appropriate resources for this purpose.

The pet help resources listed in the tabs to the lower right will help you if you need assistance caring for your pet, or need to find a new home for your pet.

  1. Pet Food Banks
  2. Spay/Neuter Assistance
  3. Pet Health and Veterinary Offices
  4. Financial Assistance with Veterinary Bills - Organizations That Provide Credit/Loans
  5. Organizations that Provide Financial Aid
  6. Specific for Cancer
  7. Specific for Mobility

Pet Food Banks

Pensacola Humane Society Pet Resource Center

Pensacola Humane Society’s Pet Resource Center is dedicated to keeping pets in their homes and out of shelters. If you need assistance caring for your pet or need to re-home your pet they can help you.

 Renting with Your Dog

Rehoming Your Pet

The shelter's mission is to provide care and find adoptable homes for stray animals, not owner surrenders. There are several local rescues that could aid in the rehoming of your pet depending on the breed and situation. Follow these tips for safely rehoming your animal.

There are also several websites for rehoming your pet:


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