Veterans Pension


The Veterans Pension program provides monthly payments to wartime Veterans who meet certain age or disability requirements, and who have income and net worth within certain limits. You may be eligible for the Veteran’s Pension program. Please click here to check:

Before your appointment, please make sure you have the following:

  • DD 214 (All of them or Discharge Certificate) showing you served during one of the approved wartimes
  • Government ID
  • Copy of current marriage license. 
    • Dates, cities and states (country name, if outside the U.S.) of all previous marriages, divorces and deaths for your and the veteran’s former spouses
  • Proof of income
    • Social Security award letter
    • Earning statements
    • Other annuity or retirement incomes (gross amount)
    • Dividends and interest for every interest-bearing account you have 
    • Amount of stocks and bonds – especially US savings bonds
  • Value of real estate (other than your primary home)
  • Name of each medical insurance company & amount of monthly premium (to include Medicare & Medicaid)
  • Amount of prescription(s) co-pay(s) 
  • Current bank statement(s)
  • Government ID
  • Voided checks

All medical records must be on a USB drive or disc.

The VA also provides additional monthly payments for those who require Aid & Attendance or who are housebound. Click here for more information.