Return to Home

There is no place like home, and we want to provide every opportunity to help lost pets return home. We believe in keeping families together, pets that have loving homes don’t need to be re-homed, they need to return home.

ACO staff holding lost pet signSome of our efforts that lead to reunions:

  • Animal Control Officers make efforts to return lost pets home instead of bringing them to the shelter. They check for tags, scan for microchips, check lost pet listings, place found animal signs, and knock on doors in an effort to find their home before bringing them to the shelter. 
  • Animals are checked for tags and microchips when they arrive at the shelter. Shelter staff regularly regularly check neighborhood lost pet listings. 
  • Pictures of lost animals who are at the shelter are shared on our website. Anyone missing a pet is welcome to visit the shelter during open hours to view animals in our care.
  • We waive redemption fees for a pet’s first visit with us. We do not believe in punishing pet owners for a single occurrence and choose to utilize the pet’s first visit as an opportunity to work with their owner to help problem-solve to avoid further occurrences.
  •  All dogs and cats that leave our facility are microchipped. The microchips are automatically registered at no additional cost and include lifetime registration.