Stormwater Management / Illicit Discharges

What is stormwater?

Stormwater begins as rainfall or other precipitation that then flows over land or impervious surfaces and does not soak or percolate into the ground. This stormwater does not percolate into the ground and becomes surface runoff, which flows either directly into surface waterways or it is channeled into drains, which eventually discharge to surface waters. As the stormwater runoff flows over the land or impervious surfaces (paved streets, paved parking lots, and building rooftops), it accumulates and discharges debris, chemicals, sediments or other pollutants to the waterways that could adversely affect water quality if the runoff is discharged untreated.

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Photo Credit: City of Urbana, Illinois

Stormwater Outfall Structures

There are total of two-hundred and forty-eight (248) stormwater outfalls which drain directly to surface waters of the State. View these outfalls across the County here.

Report a Problem

To report a drainage/flooding problem or have any questions or concerns regarding stormwater drainage systems or outfalls, please call (850) 981-7135, or email

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Illicit Discharge (Dumping)

An illicit discharge is defined as the intentional disposal of any material by placement of and/or directing any material into the stormwater system. Please report suspected illicit discharges of chemicals, paint, oil and grease, yard waste, fertilizer and other questionable materials to local authorities so that it can be investigated. Local ordinances deem it illegal to dispose of any pollutants to the storm sewer.

Common illicit discharges include:list of hazardous waste items accepted at the landfill Opens in new window

  • Vehicle fluids (gasoline, oil, & antifreeze)
  • Pet wastes
  • Soapy wash waters
  • Household cleaners/chemicals
  • Sanitary wastewater
  • Paints & solvents
  • Sediment, mulch, and grass clippings
  • Grease & cooking oil
  • Pesticides and fertilizers

For more information about free disposal at the Central Landfill’s Household Hazardous Waste Area please visit this site.

To report an illicit discharge please complete the Illicit Discharge Reporting Form or call (850) 981-7090. Find out more about illicit discharges here.

Additional Stormwater Resources