Strategic Plan

Santa Rosa County Strategic Plan 2035 Logo

Driven by extensive community engagement, the first-ever Countywide Strategic Plan was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners in August 2021. The Plan focuses on 5 Key Outcomes that represent the issues of greatest importance to the community and sets a clear, unified, community-driven vision for the next 10-15 years.

The Mission: “Serving our community – committed to excellence” is the foundation for the existing Strategic Plan and Strategic Plans in to the future. 

The Vision: To be an extraordinary community which embraces opportunity, treasures our natural environment, and provides the best in public service to enable success and security in the future. 

5 Key Outcomes:

  • Innovative Infrastructure - allocating funds responsibly to assure residents are receiving the best possible uses of county dollars regarding the changing environment on both the natural and man-man fronts.
  • Organizational Excellence - fostering and maintaining open lines of communication with the community, responding to changes and opportunities that may arise.
  • Community Service (Quality of Life) - providing parks and open space, ensuring high quality housing, serving, and supporting our military veterans, protecting the historical and natural uniqueness of Santa Rosa County.
  • Public Health and Safety - providing residents with basic health and welfare needs, protecting not only people but also shared and private property.
  • Economic Vitality - the ability to grow alongside Santa Rosa County resident wants and needs

If you'd like to review the strategic plan as a document, we invite you to download the following PDF: