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Doggy Day Out Volunteer Application

  1. Doggy Day Out Volunteer Application

  2. PLEASE NOTE: Requests must be made 48 hours in advance. Thank you for considering taking one of our shelter dogs on a field trip! Take pictures of your adventures and email them to for inclusion on our Facebook page. Doggy Day Out is a program available to the public to help socialize with medium to large size dogs outside of a shelter environment. The information we gain from the field trips helps the staff with placement and gaining more insight to the dog’s personality outside of the kennel. We encourage you to share with us cute pictures and stories of your outings.

  3. Requests need to be made 48 hours in advance.

  4. As a participant, you must agree to:*

  5. Some things to keep in mind

    1. Be prepared for anything. Remember, we don’t know what many of these dogs have been through. We don’t know their past, how they have been treated, how their living situation once was, and most importantly, we don’t know their true personality. All we do know is what we see here at our facility and what little (if any) information their previous caretaker provided. We try our very best to match you with a dog that we think will do well with you, but your dog may have a very different personality once they are comfortable.

  6. 2. Ready your car with the appropriate amount of space for the dog. Depending on the dog, you may need enough space for a size appropriate crate, a friend to help contain the dog to the back seat, or a barrier to avoid the dog from getting to the driver and passenger’s seat. For their safety, they may not ride in the back of a pickup truck or in a convertible.

  7. 3. Please plan to leave your own dog at home! The goal of our day trips is to give the dog a break from the shelter and some one on one time with humans. Although most of our shelter dogs do well with other dogs and enjoy doggie playtime, we prefer these field trips be geared towards interacting with humans and not with other dogs. Santa Rosa County Animal Services is not liable for the treatment or cost of vet bills incurred for your own pets at your private veterinarian. If you do choose to go to your home, please make accommodations to separate the shelter pet from your own animals.

  8. 4. If you plan to take your dog home, please check your fence line and property for holes, loose planks, poisonous plants, foxtails, and dangerous household items. You will be provided a pamphlet upon arrival to help identify some of these dangers. Even if you have/had a dog that has never gotten loose, please don't assume that your property is secure. We don't know the history of most of the dogs we place and the majority of them were strays.

  9. Santa Rosa County Animal Services will provide you with a leash, collar, ID tag, poop bags, water bottle, water bowl, and crate if needed. If any additional items are needed, please make a request when you pick up your animal.

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