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iPhone 11 Upgrade Preparation Form

  1. iPhone 11 Upgrade Preparation Form - **PLEASE DO NOT AUTOFILL THIS FORM**

    Welcome to the new iPhone upgrade form! The goal of this form is to optimize the roll out of new cell phones. By completing this form you are stating that you are ready to upgrade your phone. When I get a submission from everyone that has a county iPhone in your department, I will schedule a flexible meeting time and place that interferes as little as possible with your work.

  2. iPhone 11 Case/Screen Protector - **Required**

    The County requires that you have a case and a screen protector for your phone. You can purchase these using your p-card from a number of sources including: Santa Rosa County's Amazon and Staples accounts. Contact Procurement for account access

  3. Have I already swapped you out to a new iPhone 11 this year?*

  4. You have the option of buying your old county phone from me before I sell it to a vendor. Would you like to purchase your old phone?

  5. I would like to purchase:

  6. Instructions:

    How to find the IMEI and Serial Number on your iPhone: 1) Open the settings app. 2) Click General. 3) Click About. 4) Software Version or iOS version can be found at the top. 5) Serial Number can be found near the top. 6) IMEI can be found near the bottom.

  7. You need to update your iPhone [Mandatory requirement]

    To update your iPhone: 1) Make sure your phone has at least 60% battery (if you do not have 60%, you can charge your phone while updating it). 2) Open the settings app. 3) Click General. 4) Click Software Update. 5) Choose to install the update.

  8. Locations/Buildings that have County WiFi

    You can connect to "SRC Public Wireless" at all of the following locations using the password "1111111111". Auditorium, Public Works, Engineering, Development Services, Housing, EOC, EDO, Tourist Development Office, Navarre Library, Gulf Breeze Library, Jay Library, Pace Library.

  9. Two Factor Test*

    1) Open the Settings app. 2) Click your name at the top. 3) Click "Passwords & Security". 4) If you were asked to "Sign in to iCloud", please choose the "Yes" option. 5) If you did not have to sign in, please choose the "No" option.

    1. Do you know your Apple ID password?*

    2. Do you have multiple apple devices with the county such as an ipad?*

    3. For employee's with multiple Apple devices:

      Please bring your second Apple device when upgrading your iPhone, just in case the iPhone sends a confirmation to your other device.

    4. Leave This Blank:

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