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Santa Rosa County Library Card Application - Non-Residents and Temporary Residents

  1. This online library card application form is for non-residents and temporary residents.
    You will be notified when your library card application has been processed and your card is ready to be picked up at the library. A photo ID must be presented when picking up your card. For non-residents, there is a $50 annual fee. This fee must be paid in order to receive library privileges. This fee is waived for educators and employees of City, County or State Government who work in Santa Rosa County with proof of employment. For temporary residents, you must provide verification of temporary SRC residence, permanent residence, and length of stay.
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  5. Please read before submitting: I verify that the information above is correct. I agree that by submitting this applicaion, I assume responsibility for all use of this card, including Internet usage. I accept responsibility for all materials borrowed on this card. I agree to observe all library rules, to pay all charges, and to notify the library of any changes to my contact information.
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