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1. Who is eligible to receive a vaccine at this site?
2. I have mobility issues, will there be accommodations at the vaccine site?
3. Will there be enough vaccines for my appointment?
4. When will I get a call back to schedule a vaccine appointment?
5. I called the appointment number but didn’t speak to a person. How do I ensure I can contact someone to schedule a vaccine appointment?
6. I haven’t been contacted for my second dose appointment yet. How do I schedule a second dose appointment?
7. Can I get my second dose at a different location?
8. My second dose appointment is after the day listed on my CDC card. Will the vaccine still be effective?
9. What do I need to bring to my second dose appointment?
10. What do I do if I lost my CDC vaccine card?
11. How do I make an appointment for a vaccine?
12. I missed the call to schedule my appointment, how do I call them back?
13. What number will call me back?
14. I need to cancel or change my appointment; can you help me?
15. I received a call, is this the number that’s supposed to call me back?
16. Can I schedule an appointment online?
17. I can’t drive myself, can someone come to my appointment with me?
18. What do I need to bring to my vaccine appointment?
19. Can I schedule multiple individuals for an appointment on a phone call?