What is the Special Needs Registry?

The Special Needs Registry allows residents with medical needs an opportunity to provide information to Santa Rosa County so that agencies can communicate emergency preparedness, response and recovery resources to our vulnerable at risk and hard-to-reach residents. The information collected will only be shared with Santa Rosa County and interacting agencies to improve their ability to serve and will not be available to the public. F.S.252.355

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1. What is the Special Needs Registry?
2. What is a Special Needs Shelter?
3. What process is used to determine Special Needs Sheltering?
4. How often do I have to register or update my Special Needs application?
5. Do I qualify for Special Needs Sheltering?
6. Will I be notified of a pending disaster?
7. What if I need transportation to the Special Needs Shelter?
8. Can I go to the Special Needs Shelter if I reside in an Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home?
9. Can I receive my hemodialysis treatments at the Special Needs Shelter?
10. What is a Caregiver?
11. Why do I need a Caregiver?